[289] 2018-02-15 Course Change of India

Course Change of India

From now on, I am going to change pilgrimage course in India as follows.

In India, the atmosphere is trapped and the air in the plains is very bad.

Especially, the roads in city are full of exhaust gas and dust.

While Mr. Hara and I walk for two months in India, the respiratory organs went bad.

Safety and health are the most important consideration in pilgrimage.

Therefore, I decided to change the Indian course and take less polluted course leading to Dharamshala.

According to changed course, I will go to Sangkisa, the last of eight sacred places of Buddhists, by train.

I am going to change the course from Shravasti.

21 km

The national road is well designed.

It was easy to walk on the road with lined trees.

I arrived at a large river with flood plain.

As you see in this picture, the river is good when it is left unchanged.

The ex- president MB and his group who had destroyed the space of living organisms must be punished.

I was passing by a private Hindu school.

I stopped by and explained about pilgrimage to the teacher.

The teacher led me to the school children.

Since the young students knew English only a little, the teacher added more explanation in Hindu.

We took a picture together.

I was invited to a gathering of old men in the village.

After talking, they treated us lunch.

I took a picture with the villagers.

Emotional faces.

카테고리:Course and Dairy, India

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