[290] 2018-02-16 Road to Shravasti

Road to Shravasti


It is the morning of New Year Day in lunar calendar.

I made a big bow toward the direction of Korea.

And I started to walk toward Shravasti.

I ordered raw fruit juice at street vendor.  I ate the juice with uncooked food powder.

The uncooked food powder is made of six raw grain: unpolished rice, foxtail millet, durra, corn, millet, and black bean.

The six kinds of raw grains are dried and ground.

I brought this food powder from Korea.

This is my partner in the course of pilgrimage.

This is a little different from the powder of roast barley.

This powder is the secret of good health during pilgrimage.

Children are looking at me with curiosity.

When people with curiosity approaches,  Mr. Hara explains about Silk Road pilgrimage for most of time.

Frequently many people follow Mr. Hara who leads the procession.

It is coincidence, but the situation is very symbolic.

I think this situation reflects the image of future.

Water buffaloes are enjoying playing in the water.

At first I thought people started playing in the water.

But it seemed to be a part of washing ritual of Hindu priests.

The shame of India is found at the waste dumping site near the road.

The unmanaged dumping sites are found at every cities in India.

It takes a long walk to escape from the hell of wastes.

I don’t understand why they don’t care about the waste dumping site.

I guess vaguely the reason why. The citizens will hate to see the dumping site near the road.

Especially, the children will be adversely affected by the dumping site.

I think the administration has to do something to solve the waste problem.

카테고리:Course and Dairy, India

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