[288] 2018-02-14 From Barhni

From Barhni

24 km

I spent one day to come to the Indian border which I could not cross from the Nepal side.

From this point, I start to walk again.

I went to the starting point in the morning by train.

I met this boy and his family who showed curiosity at the train station.

We took a picture at the starting point on the border.

This is the shortest road from Lumbini to Shravasti.

Following homepage have information about Shravasti.


This road is lined with big and old trees.

Trees provide many shades.  There was no dust at all.

I imagined Buddha walking this road.

I was passing by a primary school operated by Muslims.

I explained about pilgrimage to the children.  They listened to me with eager.

The scenery of sheep and shepherd seems to say, “It is spring now.”

People grow sugar cane in this region.

It is harvest time now, and people were busy.

I returned to lodging by bus.

카테고리:Course and Dairy, India

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