[287] 2018-02-13 Passing Impossible

Passing Impossible

2 km

I got up early in the morning at the lodge near border.

I have to walk 2 km more which I did not finish yesterday.

When I went to the starting point, children played mimicking monkey.

They were hanging from the trees like monkey.

I waved to them and shouted.  They waved back to me.

This man was a reporter whom I met at the guard post at the border.

He greeted us and paid breakfast for us.

He had some relationship with Asia Times.

I took a picture with the policemen at the border.

By the way, I encountered a problem.

The gate of border is open only to Nepalese and Indians.

They don’t have authority to approve the passing of foreigners.

I had to stop walking in Nepal at this point.

I had to go back to Sonauli where I entered Nepal through.

Sonauli is 100 km away from here.

I spent the rest of the day for moving baggages.

I met a child at the bus.

For a short moment, I could see Himalaya mountains through the window of the bus.

While I was waiting for train at the station, I took this picture.

I met mother monkey with baby at the train station.

Mother monkey was feeding baby and looked for food at the same time.

These monkeys live at the trees nearby and get cookies from people.

카테고리:Course and Dairy, Nepal

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