[286] 2018-02-12 Khrishnanagar


Kapilavastu ~ Khrishnanagar

26 km

In the morning, I left Daesungseoggasa where I stayed for 4 days.

I took a selfie with Wonin monk.  His name ‘won’ is the character that I have in my name.

After moving to Kapila castle by taxi, I started to walk.

Today’s course is 28km toward the border.

Mr. Hara carried baggages to the border.

I walked by myself after a long time.

This road is unpaved. Google map indicated that cars can’t  pass this road.

But in reality, bus and jeep can go this road without difficulty.

The facial expressions of villagers are different respectively.

Sometimes, the road is very wide.

When I looked at a child playing alone under a tree with spring flowers, other children flocked and looked at me with curiosity.

A young girl gestured cutely.

When I took a picture of this girl, other children flocked.

A brick factory made black smoke.

Old men in the village sometimes saw me and gestured “Where are you going?” without asking.

Then I point behind direction and shout “Limbini.”

Now I point front direction and shout “Shravasti.”

And I join my hands and bow.  Then they nod and join their hands.

Sometimes gestures work better than conversation.

Many cows are moving.

Probably cow market is open today.

I could see different kinds of cows pass for a long while.

Finally, I found the place of cow market.

Now the border is not far.

At this point, I walked 26 km.  I decided to walk remaining 2 km tomorrow.

카테고리:Course and Dairy, Nepal

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