[274] 2018-01-31 Cows in India

Cows in India

Pharenda ~ Parsoni

23 km

Today, Mr. Hara carried baggages to border of Nepal, and I walked alone.

I found out that the appearance of Indian cow eyes is somewhat different.

The cow eyes express the inner feeling of cows just like human eyes.

Indian cows looked like Buddhists who are meditating for enlightenment.

The first reason why Indian cows are respected is that they give milk and materials for firewood.  But in addition to this reason, cows are respected because of this characteristics of cows. Indian cows are respected because people regard the cow as the rebirth of previous living, or rebirth of future living which follows reincarnation.

Indian people respect cows as family member or more than that.

Indian people do not eat beef at all.  They do not eat pork either.

They usually eat chicken or lamb, but preferably chicken.

The taste of Indian chicken is chewy, which is different from that of Korean chicken.

Indian people mostly rear hens in the field except chicken farm in big cities.

I met healthy and energetic hens everywhere in Indian villages.

In this village, people dry cattle dung in big shape.

The smile of this child is bright and fascinating.

A boy with hood is seen far.

I waved him to go together with me.

All of sudden, he is stressed.

This child is so stressed that he hold his mom’s leg.

His mother burst into laughter.

This child hid behind his mother.

Children are doing good job.

Is spring around the corner?

It is a little bit hot during daytime.

I felt the temperature over 20 degrees.

They are collecting recycling products such as plastic bottle.

I am curious about the name of this white and gray bird.

Families went out picnic in the field, hearing of coming spring.

I received message from Mr. Hara.

He met professor Han who finished Nepal travel and came to India near the border.

World is small.

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