[275] 2018-02-01 Invitation of School

Invitation of School

Parsoni~ Nautanwa

22 km

I arrived at a small restaurant after walking for a while.

I ordered chapati which was a kind of pasta bread.

Beside me, a grandmother with two cute children took the seat.

I waved to the children, and took a picture of them.

Then, one child gave me his cookie.

He may have said like this, “Pilgrim! Please take this food.”

It was a very special morning.

Surprisingly, there were many schools in this village.

Over the wall, the students saw me.  They waved to me and shouted.

I gave English leaflets to the students over the wall.

Probably, high grade students may understand my pilgrimage.

When I waved to the children “Let’s go with me”, they fled.

Since spring was near, students were doing group study in the yard.

Because students showed curiosity, the principal called me.

I explained about pilgrimage in detail.

He was probably moved by the fact that I walked from Calcutta to this point for two months.

He asked the teacher to gather all students.

He introduced me to the students.

And he explained my pilgrimage, showing the large placard map.

He talked about the course and purpose of my pilgrimage.

I did not mention North Korea leader, Kim Jeong Eun, but he talked about the threat of nuclear weapons of Kim Jeong Eun.

I gave English leaflets to a dozen of teachers.

I took a picture with students.

This picture was the first one which was taken with all the students of a school.

They will remember my pilgrimage for a long time.

I felt a great fulfillment.

Nepal border is 15km away.

I have left 7km until today’s destination.

It was very impressive to see the trimmed hair of girl students.

Since it was spring time, herds of lamb went on a picnic.

A typical appearance of Hindu child.

He has a painted dot on forehead.

Students cheered me while they were looking through the school gate.

I gave English leaflet to a senior student and asked him to give it to his teacher.

In India. solar panels started to be supplied.

I heard that an Indian company made a big contract with a Korean company to sell solar panels.

Elegant hens.

All living beings should enjoy living in this planet.

Animals do have rights to live in happiness.

I feel pain in my heart whenever I think of massive killing of foultry in Korea.

A cow is lying in the street without human intervention.

The cow made a traffic congestion.  But no one intervenes.

It was a typical appearance of India.

카테고리:Course and Dairy, India

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