[272] 2018-01-29 Remove Garbage

Remove Garbage

Gorakhpur ~ Peppeganj

23 km

I started at Gorakhpur in the morning.

After five days, I will arrive at Nepal.

A motorcyclist with helmet asked me serious questions.

The smile of two sisters was naive and beautiful.

I warmed my body at bonfire for while.

I took a group picture.

In this region, people recognize a pilgrim easily.

The youths of a village welcomed us.

The students welcomed us with full smile.

A group of motorcyclists passed by.

A student approached me while I rest.

I saw people removing garbage.  It seems to be a public work.

There were many youths.  This was the first scene I had seen in India.

So I raised my thumb up.

A Hindu ritual was going on while they were repairing a bridge.

It seems to be a public school operated by Hindu religion.

This road was well maintained, which was a rare scene in India.

Today I walked very easily.  Is it because the border is close?

카테고리:Course and Dairy, India

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