[271] 2018-01-28 Road to Gorakhpur

Road to Gorakhpur

Upaspur ~ Gorakhpur

27 km

Today, we were reorganized into two teams:

one team to walk, and another team to carry baggages.

I and professor Han decided to walk.

To assure safety in the fog, we walked on the shoulder in the right-hand side.

The decision was made by considering two reasons.

The first reason was that the cars were coming slowly because of fog.

The second reason was that the speed of head wind speed was slow.

By walking in the right-hand side, we could lessen the uncertainty of vision in the fog.

After the fog disappeared, we walked on the left-hand side lane.

Because the number of reverse-driving cars increased, it is more important to evade the cars properly.

The man in the center of the picture offered us free chai.

This boy was selling fresh fruit juice.

We entered into a road in the forest near Gorakhpur airport.

I could see many monkeys in this region.

Professor Han enjoyed the road in the forest.

we met curious youths.

Professor Han walked long distance for two consecutive days.

He will leave tomorrow.

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