[269][270] 2018-01-26~27 Kushinagar with Koreans

Kushinagar with Koreans

Today I went to Kushinagar historic site where Buddha entered Nirvana.

In the forenoon, professor Han Gyu Seok (Cheonnam University, psychology major) and his friend Lee Hee Bok arrived.

They will join Silk Road pilgrimage and walk for three days.

Professor Han is one of 100 supporting members of Silk Road Pilgrimage.

We walked to the historic site, 1.5 km apart from the lodging.

We entered inside of the relic and saw the replica of the place where Buddha entered Nirvana.

Lying statue of Buddha.

We looked around the relic for a while.

And I talked with some people who showed curiosity about our group.

And I took a picture with people.

After leaving the historic site, we went back to Daehansa temple.  The monk greeted us kindly. (Since it was dark, I did not think of taking a picture.)

Kushinagar ~ Upaspur
24 km

Next day, we walked 23km together.  Four-people parade took place after a long while.

Professor Han walked and sometimes talked with students who showed curiosity.

We took a picture together when students depart.

Sometimes we mingled with villagers.

Children are always full with curiosity.

The statue seems to be a historical figure in this region.

But I could not understand the explanation in Hindi.

Somebody made a fire in the field.

I approched and found out that they were roasting a wild boar whole.

At the last part of walking, we drank fruit juice and relieved the fatigue.

카테고리:Course and Dairy, India

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