Alternative course via Central Asia in Summer, 2018.

Iran became unsafe. I have worked hard in order to fulfill Iran course. But political situation and safety problem forced me to prepare an alternative to Iran course. I am thinking of Central Asia course which was an original Silk Road. Especially, this course includes Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan where the heartburning and sad history of Koryo residents are engraved. Stalin forced the Koryo residents living in East Russia to move to Central Asia. I am planning to try both walking pilgrimage and rail-tour. The religion of this region is Islam, just the same as Iran.

The time of Central Asia pilgrimage will be August in 2018. I am investigating the course in map below.

Astana, Almaty, Tashkent, Samarkand which are expressed in Gothic type on the map are cities which have relations with Koryo residents.

LIFEROAD Plan with Korean People (Koryoin) Route



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