[263][264] 2018-01-20~21 Thief of Flag

Thief of Flag

Rampur ~ Gopalganj

25 km

Today is the last day of five sections.

I crossed a large river.

There was wide flood plain at both side of the river.

Curious people flocked and surrounded us.

After taking several pictures, we started again.

Three people riding a motorcycle came to us.

One of them told us, “I want to take a selfi with the flag.”

I gave the flag to him.  Then they ran away with the flag.

I was at a loss.

Why did he want that flag?

He may have heard about flag from the people who listened to my pilgrimage explanation.

He may have thought that the flag was valuable.

I hope he may not throw away the flag.

Then the flag will remain somewhere in India.

I had extra flags.

I mixed with boys in the village.

카테고리:Course and Dairy, India

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