[265] 2018-01-22 Road to Kushinagar

Gopalganj ~ Border Line

23 km

There was a small Hindu temple in front of lodging.

This kind of temple is seen everywhere in streets of India.

I took a picture of the temple just before I start today’s pilgrimage.

I took a picture with a family who were going to a banqueting house.

I could see formal Indian clothes.

I took a picture with several children who became friendly with us.

Facilal expressions were very good.

In this village, I took a picture with adults.

Four kids riding one bicycle.

It seemed to be a cemetry park.

A high-rise Hindu temple.

I happened to explain Silk Road pilgrimage while I was passing by a feast of an educational institute.

Selfi with various people.

Curious boys are following Mr. Hara and asking various questions.

This man bought chai for us.

I am explaining picture diary in Silk Road homepage, liferoad.org, by smart phone.

We arrived at the boundary between Vihar region and Utra Pradesh region.

There was a Buddha statue at the border line.  It is near from Kushnagar.


카테고리:Course and Dairy, India

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