[262] 2018-01-19 Pilgrims

Rampur ~ Madhubani
17 km

Today we carried baggages to next lodging.

I took a selfi with the monks of the lodging in the Sri Lanka temple where we stayed three days.

When I looked out from the restaurant early in the morning, a procession was seen in the fog.

It was said that they were pilgrim monks who came from China

They did not specify the region, but they seemed to come from Tibet.

I joined my hands for the solemn procession.

Mr. Hara carried baggages to a hotel at Gopalganj, 110  km apart.

I dropped off in the middle.

I walked above course, the 4th section, from 11 o’clock a.m.

The course crossed a large river.

The name of the river was Gandak River, a tributary of Ganges River.

At the flood plain, sugar canes were growing.

They were rearing wild boars just like rearing lamb.

Except I saw the procession of pilgrims in the morning, it was an ordinary day.

Tomorrow I will take one day’s rest.

카테고리:Course and Dairy, India

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