[261] 2018-01-18 Where are you going?

Where are you going?
Sahebganj ~ Rampur
20 km

Cute children.  These children will change of the fate of India.

To go to the ending point of yesterday’s course, we had to ride bus for 90 minutes.

This is one of the five sections subdivided.  There are good bo trees along the road.

Where are you going?

I have received this question quite often.

I received this question from these people in the picture.

After a brief explanation, I asked the key man of the group. “Where are you going?”

Usually he tells about his village as answer.

Then I repeat the same question,

“Where are you going?” by shaking my head in the negative.

Now he is at a loss what to say.

I asked again, “In your long life,  where are you going?”

Now he understands the question.  I became friendly with him.

When I suggested for him to walk together, he said he would walk until his village.

An impromptu procession was organized except old men.

This is the very picture I have dreamed to com true.

The weather was sunny in the afternoon after a long interval.

I entered into a quiet road in the village.

This is the shortest road from Vaishali to Kushinagar.

I am sure Buddha walked this road just before he entered Nirvana.

And Mr. Hara is walking the same road.

I met these children when I entered a large road.

This is the appearance of a village in the middle of winter.

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