[260] 2018-01-17 With Children

With Children
Deoriya ~ Sahebganj
18 km

I selected the picture of young girl students who welcomed us as the top picture of today’s diary.

We went to the ending point of yesterday’s course by bus.

We ate breakfast there.

I had difficulty in making reservation of the next lodging.

Fortunately, the owner of the restaurant helped my reservation in Hindu interpretation.

The kind man is at the center of the picture above.

Children go to school by riding school bus.

School girls who were walking to school posed for picture.

This is the house of a large family who has many children.

Whenever I pass by many children, I wave to them.

If I find one or two children who are not responding, I gesture “Let’s go together!”

Then the child changes to alert mode.

“Oh, that stranger asks me to go together.  I don’t know what to do.
A few days ago, mom told me she would sell me to a peddler if I make trouble.

Is that stranger the peddler mom talked about?”

This is the story of every family in the world who rear children.


For a short moment, the child will think about various options.

I ease the tension of the child.  I take a picture, and show the picture to the family.

We burst into laughter.  Mr. Hara took a nice picture of that moment.

From this girl’s face, I could read both curiosity and gladness.

This is wheat field.  But they planted not only wheat but also other crops.

This kind of mixing agriculter is very good for the ecological health of soil.

When we passed by the gate of school, the students shouted.

I took a picture of the children and Mr. Hara.

I showed them the picture. We exchanged mutual sympathy.

카테고리:Course and Dairy, India

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