[259] 2018-01-16 Let’s go together

Let’s go together

Ashoka Pillar ~ Deoriya

27 km

Today, I encountered second difficult course since I came to India.
From here on, I can’t find a lodging along the course.
At a distance of 110 km, there is a shelter which I can contact.
I made a reservation of the hotel.
I have to move from starting point to ending point by bus for 5 sections, each having 20 km.
I decided to stay for 3 days at a cheap shelter (500 Rupee for one night) which is operated by Sri Lanka Temple in Vaishali.
For the first 3 days I have to shuttle by bus from shelter to the destination.


First day I have to walk as long as possible, because there is not enough time for bus shuttle.


I took a picture with a kind guide (front in the picture) of Vaishali.


After walking 5 km, I arrived at Manakpur intersection.
There I met a group of youths and talked about Silk Road pilgrimage.
They exclaimed to hear my explanation. And I proposed them a bold suggestion.
“Let’s go together!”
One of the youths seemed to be interested in my suggestion.
I told him about the starting time and starting place of tomorrow’s course.


I wonder whether he will appear or not tomorrow morning.
I took a black & white picture with the youths.


The road leading to Kushinagar is well maintained.


I drank a cup of chai at an elegant tea-room.


Hindu folk pictures were posted on the wall of a tea-room.


Is spring coming in the field already?


It seems to be a memorial ceremony of a celebrity of this region.


There are many children in this village.


A placard about anti-corruption campaign is posted.
One of the slogans reads “Let’s fight for the constitutional rights.”


Though the duration of cold days is short, it seems to be very hard for them to overcome the cold because they don’t have heating system.
I could find people surrounding the bonfire frequently.


I waved to a crying child to come. I gestured “Let’s go with me.”
The child understood my gesture. He tried to run away or hide in the back of his mother.
The family surrounding him burst into laughter.


Today I said “Let’s go together” several times.

The last verse of Heart Sutra goes like this, “gate, gate, paragate, parasamagate, bodhi svaha.”
I would like to translate this verse like this.
“Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go to the world we wish to come.”


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