[257] 2018-01-14 Children of Vaishali

Children of Vaishali
lalganj ~ Vaishali
18 km


Today, Mr. Hara had something to do. He rested today.


I met many cute children today.


When I heard a large voice, I looked back.
People in the barber waved to me.


Many children appeared.


Even an adult like a naive child walk barefoot.


The children make various poses.
When I showed them the picture, they exclaimed.


They grow many water buffaloes in this village. Water buffalo means property.
This village looks tidy, probably, because of many water buffaloes.
A rich village, I guess.


The facial expression‎ of adults and children looks happy.


A girl is feeding the goats.


Children make good poses.


This is a manual pump of different kind.


The lady far right in the picture spoke a very good English.
Her pronunciation was very close to standard English.
Men’s English was very hard to understand because the pronunciation was mixed with Hindu accent.
Indian women received high level of education, but most of them are just housewives who are doing house works.
They have potential to work for the Earth village in the future.


This time of the year is not busy. The weather is cool.
People are participating in the construction of a building.

카테고리:Course and Dairy, India

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