[256] 2018-01-13 Welcome Pilgrims!

Welcome Pilgrims!
Hajipur Station ~ Lalganj
21 km



I started walking at Hajupur station.


People in India have high aspirations for educating their children.
One of the reasons that I have hope for India’s future is that India has good system of education.
I found some shortcomings which come from lack of public morality because many discriminative groups are living together.
Wastes in streets and traffic disorder are examples of shortcoming.
But India has established democratic systems in politics, and educational system is superb.
I am sure India will be advanced after one or two generations.


Various statues of Hindu god and goddess which are put in Hindu temple are made of clay.


Since the weather in this region is hot, huts and warehouse are made by cool materials.


In this village, people dry cattle dung by more sophisticated manner.
The dung are piled up by making openings between layers.


As we approach Vaishali, more and more people understood our pilgrimage.
People waved to us from the far distance in advance, before we wave to them.


I took a picture with children at bonfire.


Manual pump is found everywhere.


Children and boys waved to pilgrim.


Since rice is plenty, many people make rice cakes.
A man is making rice taffy cake at his house.


I have a memory of rice taffy cake in my boyhood days.
I bought one pack of cake and tasted it. It was very good for snack.


Many children and adults welcomed us.
There are many children especially in this village.


카테고리:Course and Dairy, India

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