[255] 2018-01-12 Ganges River

Ganges River
Patna Saheb Station ~ Hajipur Jn.
20 km


Today I crossed Ganges River.


Early in the morning, I carried baggages to next destination with Mr. Hara.
We went to the starting point, Patna Saheb station, by autoricksha.


People are drying cattle dung all along the wall of railroad.


At street vendor we bought chai and became friend with the owner.
He did not receive money for chai. It was a very unusual happening in India.


I noticed a signboard written in Korean, and took a picture.


At street vendor, a man is selling pet birds.
There were many kinds of birds. I saw some of them for the first time.


After we walked for a while, we could see Ganges River.


The main bridge were under repair work. The number of lanes were reduced.
And there was a floating bridge which would be used for the time being.


The joint of bridge looked imperfect.
It reminded me of breakdown of Seongsoo bridge in Korea 25 years ago.

Accident of a bridge killed many people.
How many casualties would be sacrificed by an accident of a nuclear power plant?
Every machine has lifetime.
In the middle of lifetime, machines tend to make a trouble.
Nuclear power plant has so many parts.
The possibility of malfunction of one or two parts is so high that nuclear power plant must be a dangerous facility for the mankind.

There is a sure alternative to nuclear energy.
But the power groups and the press are supporting nuclear energy.
I can’t help fighting against those groups who destroy the conscience and sacrifice next generations.


People are practicing agriculture in flood plains.


After I crossed the bridge of Ganges River, I looked back.
The flood plain seemed to be almost 10 km in width.


I saw a private institute teaching physics.
I heard that the level of science and technology is very high.


The sewerage of this village was well maintained.


When we arrived at Hajipur station, today’s destination, many people flocked.
I explained about pilgrimage for a while, and took a picture with them.


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