[254] 2018-01-11 Patna in Frog

Patna in Frog

Daniawan ~ Patna

20 km



It is foggy throughout winter times in this region.
I expected nice scenery because today’s course goes along Ganges river, but it was not so.
Mr. Hara took a nice picture of walking appearance of me.


In this region, I could find various kinds of private educational institutes.


A large tree in the village has sanctuary for god just like Korean tradition.


They sell and buy water buffalos in the market.


People make simple wall by using bamboo and rice straw.


Mr. Hara posed with children.


I was drinking a cup of chai in a large village.
Many youths came to me with curiosity.
In quiet winter time, an extraordinary traveler appeared.


I pulled out a large map, and explained about Silk Road pilgrimage.
I suggested them to walk together, since they seemed to respond.
But they stepped back.


I took a picture with them.


Mr. Hara took a selfi with one of them.


Children were cute.


We were passing by a bonfire. The youths gestured us to come close.
Mr. Hara took a nice picture of that moment.
I would like to send the warmth of this bonfire to supporters of Silk Road Pilgrimage who are suffering from cold weather in Korea and Japan.


The throw-away cups made of clay are piled at chai cafe. It is very common at chai cafe.


This is appearance of myself before I arrive at today’s destination in Patna.

카테고리:Course and Dairy, India

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