[253] 2018-01-10 Circulative Life Style

Circulative Life Style

Salepur ~ Daniawan

25 km



Early in the morning, I went to the place where I ended yesterday’s course.
I took me more than one hour. I drank a cup of hot chai.
Now It is getting cold in this area. I took a picture with the old men whom I met at the shop.resized_20180111_002319_1935239668

Now, Mr. Hara joined in walking after a long while.


Wheat is growing in the field.


Ducks are busy with eating.


Today, I drank chai several times.
During rest time, I put my hands over the fireplace which burns dry dung of cattle.
This recycling fuel is full of moisture.
It burns slowly. It is a very good fuel for winter.


Rice mill in the field.
The winter is dry season in this region. They make fire in the field.
The heat turns the wheels and mill. This picture shows the buches of grains waiting for turn.


A driver of passenger car stopped and opened the window.
He said ‘Hello!’ in Korean. He said he stayed in Korea for one year for vocational training.
He is engaged in construction work in India.
I took a glad selfi with him.


While I was walking, I was thinking over circulative life style.
First of all, energy recycling is necessary.
Since winter is short in this region, recycling fuel is very important.
They use dried dung as recycling energy.
They use recycling construction material such as soil bricks, bamboo, rice straw.
These materials have merits which advanced western civilization can’t immitate.

The second one is water recycling.
Indian villagers are not using tap water.
They dig well, and supply groundwater to most villages and streets by manual pump.
I am not sure of water quality.
But I am certain the water quality would be good enough for drinking.
The rainwater goes though the soil layers and are purified.
They use manual pump to draw groundwater.
Drinking water is supplied without complicated system and various facilities.

I think Indian mode of life is one of the alternative recycling life models in Earth village.


I saw a youth who cut an old tree and makes firewood.
It was impressive to see the family who were looking at the youth.

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