[249] 2018-01-06 Golden Course 2

Golden Course 2

D point ~ Rajgir
16 km

Rajgir is the place where Buddha gave his first preach to people.
VenuVan (Jooklim temple) and Youngchuk mountain are located in Rajgir.
Today I will walk the road to Rajgir.



Soon, I met unpaved road.


At both sides of this road, mountain ranges run parallel to the road.


Judging from the terrain, this is the very road on which Buddha walked.


I guessed that this observatory was built recently.


Probably, this cave was built at early days of Buddhism history.


The inner space was large enough for shelter of many people.


Wall paintings were very clear.
I could see a symbolic wheel below Buddha’s seat.


Landscape near destination was like this.


Today’s lodging was far from the large road.
I tried riding on a wagon. Fee was 20~40 Rupee.


This is the landscape seen from the shelter.

Tomorrow, I will rest.
But I am going to look around Youngchuk mountain and Jooklim temple.

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