[248] 2018-01-05 Golden Course

Golden Course

C point ~ D point



Mr. Hara has not recovered from cough yet. He decided to take rest a few more days.
I thank my parents who inherited me good health.

Today’s course is a turning of road which runs from Gaya to Rajgir.
I guess Buddha walked this road.
Because this road connects small villages located along mountain range, and this is the shortest way between two regions.


It was foggy when I started.


I saw a signboard which advertised event of Buddhist pilgrimage.


Interestingly, the name of bricks was KBC.


It seems to be pipal tree.


Electricity is not supplied in this village.
They recharge cellular phone battery by solar panel.


There is solar panel on rooftop.
This is the appearance of Earth village, these days.


From this point, I could see electric pole.


This road goes parallel with mountain range.


This road is very proper for pilgrims.
I can enjoy Indian landscapes and submerge in meditation as well.


After arriving at destination, I waited for the bus going to today’s lodging.
At street vendor, I ordered a cup of chai which is a mixture of milk and spice.
Chai is very popular tea in India.

Right before boiling tea, I could witness the power of dried cattle dung.


The flame was very strong.


Tomorrow, I will walk orthodox pilgrim road.


Inside of the bus going to shelter.

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