[245]-1 2018-01-02 Fantastic Varanasi

Varanasi contains Sarnath.
Varanasi is a big city with a population of 1.2 million.
This section of Ganges River gives a very special meaning to Indians.


After oversleeping, I went out of the hotel. Then, I saw this landscape.
Today, we had no other plan. We were free. Mr. Hara got up early, and went out for sightseeing.


Many historical relics flocked to the western side of the river.
Throughout several kingdoms, this place had been cultural center.


At the sandy beach over the river, something special seems to be going on.
I decided to go and find out what is happening.


I rode on a boat and went to the other side of river.


I became friendly with a couple, and took a picture with them by selfi.


All of a sudden, this man walked into the river with his mother.


Although the weather of this region was warm, it was a little bit chilly at early morning.
He noticed my surprise. He smiled and kept going in and out.

For Hindus, to submerge and pray in Ganges River at Varanasi gives a special and sacred significance.

I recorded the moments by video.


Swallows glided in the sky.


At the other side of the river, where I started, they were playing with hot-air-balloon.


On the boat coming back, I could take a picture of those people who submerge in the river.


I decided to flow the river about 2 km and take a look.
I happened to ride a boat which the residents use as a means of transportation.
The skipper asked me foreigner’s fare which was more expensive than the local residents, 150 Rupee (2500 won).


I was among the people in the boat.


The landscape seen from the boat was superb.


I was the only tourist in the boat. I had a nice tour.


I arrived at destination.


From the place, I started walking.


I met youths who were singing. I recorded their singing by video.


Foreign tourists rented a boat and looked around the area.


This old building was a hotel/restaurant. I had a lunch at this restaurant.


Inside of a cave-like place, there was a special space where they can perform Hindu ritual.


Up to this point, the residence and tourist space were mixed.


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