[244] 2018-01-01 Sarnath

It is New Year’s day.

I got on the train leaving Gaya station at 6: 30 in the morning.


I happened to meet a boy who has Korean blood.
He was going somewhere with his family.


His father was Arabian. His mother was a Korean. Fingers of V sigh belong to the body.
He was quite daring.

I wonder what would be the appearance of him when he was grown up.


I walked more than 3 hours and arrived at Mughal Sarai station.
Then I crossed over Ganges River by walking the bridge.


I walked the bridge under construction.


Sarnath is the place where five disciples stayed after they left Buddha.
Buddha gave up his hard training of six years and changed to discipline of middle-road.
They could not accept Buddha’s new discipline so they left Buddha.
After enlightenment Buddha visited Sarnath first and met those five disciples and preached.


I could sympathize with the air and atmosphere of the place, 2500 years before.


A tower, or stupa which was built with red bricks, 43 meter high.


The design of the wall is extraordinary.


It is also a park for many people.


It was not easy for us to come back to the lodging near Ganges River late at night.


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