[245]-2 2018-01-02 Fantastic Varanasi 2

I encountered climax at riverside of Ganges.

Indians believe that if the ashes is spread in Ganges, the deceased will be born again.
I took pictures without knowing that photos were forbidden.


A Hindu ritual seems to be going on.


I went close. I could find a symbol which three cobras protected.


Now it is time to leave and cross the river.
To meet is followed by to depart.


It is more than 15 km from here to train station.
I decided to walk for a while.


A building was under construction.
They built pillars first. They seemed to be slow in finishing the building.


It was winter time. A sheep wore clothes.


A stately tree.


The strongmen of a village showed curiosity about a tourist.


Cattle dung are piled up and dried as compost.
Significant number of 1.2 billion population in India are using such recycled fuel.
If they use fossil fuel instead of recycled dung, global warming would be worsened.
India is contributing significantly to Earth village.


Children are flying kites.


At the center of a village, common grazing field is maintained.
This kind of grazing sheep requires some people to care for the livestock.
It is called labor-intensive.


When I was passing by a village, women in the field welcomed and waved to me.
There was no male around, and they welcomed me actively.


Children followed me.


Cute schoolgirls.


With children in a village.


A signboard in the waiting area for upper class at Mughal Sarai station.
Foreigners are not admitted to upper class.


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