[221] 2017-12-09 Rainy Day


[221] 2017-12-09 Rainy Day
Memari Station ~ Bardhaman Mrigaya Hotel
27.0 km
Pilgrims :
LEE Won-young 이원영 (Director of Pilgrims, Republic of Korea)
HARA Tsunenori 原 恒德 (Staff of Pilgrims, Japan)

I walked 27km, for two consecutive days.
It has been a long time since I last tried a long march.


I met a cute baby.


His smile was surprisingly cute.


It began to rain from this moment.


After I finished the morning pilgrimage which I started early at dawn, I returned back to the lodging by train for check-out.


Mr. Hara got wet in the rain. He took a rest in the afternoon in order to care for his condition.


During afternoon pilgrimage, I endured a drizzling rain.
It was nice for me to see the dry field-crop get wet.


I happened to meet this couple at dusk in the cosmetics store.
I was just sitting on chair which was located at the side of the store.
The man recognized me as a pilgrim. He said, “I would like to serve you a cup of tea.”


A cup of hot black coffee warmed my body which was cool in the drizzle.
Namaste! (Thank you!)


The figure in the background picture is Hindu goddess.
The lady wanted to set the goddess in the background.


카테고리:Course and Dairy, India

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