[220] 2017-12-08 Rural Autumn


[220] 2017-12-08 Rural Autumn
Khanyan Station ~ Memari Station


Pilgrims :
LEE Won-young 이원영 (Director of Pilgrims, Republic of Korea)
HARA Tsunenori 原 恒德 (Staff of Pilgrims, Japan)

India has a population of 1.2 billion, 24 times of Korea. But the area is 32 times of Korea.
India has much flat land relatively. Therefore the population density of flat land is much smaller than Korea.


The rice field becomes playground for the villagers after the second harvest is over.
This situation is what we saw in the past in Korea.


In fact, I could see some fields which they did not cultivate.


Various kinds of roadside trees.


These youths went fast ahead of me for a considerable time.


A jeep was converted into village bus.


Statues of archer at the entrance of a village. There must be a legendary story behind the archer.


Ample field.


After I escaped from Calcutta where the refugees were everywhere, the streets look tidy.
This picture shows the grasses which were grown at roadside to prevent the weeds to grow.


Students are coming out of a college.


Professional college of management and technology.


This man was leisurely bathing in the water. He saw me. He came out of the water and waved to me.


This is a kind of natural canyon. This is a retention pond to store flood water.


Mr. Hara, at far right of the picture, is not in good condition these days because of bad waist.
In addition, his smart phone went out of order. His pictures can’t move through wi-fi.


Ample autumn is felt everywhere in the field.


I walked the streets which were lined with such big roadside trees.
I could not enjoy such a beautiful walking for a long time.

India has, for sure, some continental atmosphere.

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