[222]~[223] 2017-12-10~11 Rest Day & Wifi Problem


After one day’s rest, I had some problem in finding next lodging. I spent all of the morning hours. At last I could find a shabby hotel which is 50km far away. To make things worse, battery recharger cable of my LG Dual Smartphone(which is called ‘impeachment phone’ because it was introduced into the market on the very day of impeachment of ex. President Park Geun Hye) went out of order. I could not use wi-fi for a while. I can’t help thinking about the convenience of internet technology. Without map-application and GPS, I had to carry a lot of paper maps which would be heavy and voluminous.

Luckily I could buy a new cable without delay. However, I wasted lunch time in fixing the problem.

Fortunately I could use conveniently today’s course which was running parallel with the railway.

Mr. Hara was slow in recovering from his bad condition. I walked 12km toward Talit Station alone. I had to walk fast because I did not have enough time.


Today, I was obliged to walk the same section again several times, which was not my plan. Therefore, I used bicycle ricksha once. I proposed the ricksha man to drink zai together. Zai had a mixed taste of coffee and milk.


I met children on the way. When I try to take a picture, a shy boy turned his head around.


In the busy streets, dogs enjoy laziness. I felt that dogs are esteemed in India.


These youths came to me with curiosity.


These students are Nepalese Indians. In appearance, they were like Koreans. They seemed to like my plan of meeting His Holiness the Dalai Lama.


A father is carrying a boy who had a wounded leg.


Many people ride on the top of a bus which is already full of people.


I was worried about the safety of the bus. When I waved, they waved back.


I passed a village near the train station after the sun set. In the dark streets, only Hindu Goddess in the village shelter had light on.


I could take the train just on time. If I miss this train, I had to wait three more hours.


Inside the train, many people were curious about me and my pilgrimage. In the darkness, the self-camera performance of my new dual lens camera was superb. Probably the energy of Korean ‘candlelight’ helped me to take a good picture.


The hotel which we selected as today’s lodging was shabby, but it was also used as wedding hall. The colors of decoration were very splendid.


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