[449]2020-02-21 Letter from Serbia


To people whom I respect:

We live in hard times because of corona 19. I am very much worried to hear that number of confirmed is increasing rapidly. Daegu is hometown of myself and wife. Many acquaintances live also in Daegu. Among the acquaintances are medical doctors who are struggling with corona. I send my hearty support from abroad. I wish the vaccine and diagnostics would be developed soon.

There is no nuclear power plant in Serbia. Moreover Serbian parliament passed a law which ban nuclear power plat right after Chernobyl accident. The law expired recently, and there is controversy over the extension of the law. Anyway Serbia set an example for rest of the world. The staff of pilgrimage team, Lee Seung Eun, is investigating this issue in detail. Sooner or later, she will make a report on this topic. 

I am approaching to final destination of this winter pilgrimage. I take rest for one day now. It will take four days from here to Danube river near Belgrade. I have walked 964 km, so far. To take the distance left into account, it will be more than 1,000 km pilgrimage. I have written pilgrim’s diary everyday. The diary may be found at the address:


As I reported in last mail, my diary is translated in English and many foreigners from India and other countries read it. See the address: https://liferoad.org/  Also, my diary is translated in Japanese and many Japanese supporters read it. Mr. Kuwano Yasuo leads the translation work with 金炳辰, 崔泰順, 李長燮, 山下俊雄, 稲垣優美子, 中井淳 and post the diary on internet site. See the address: https://ameblo.jp/yksalan/entrylist.html

And my article on the issue of radioactive water in Fukushima was published at VOP(Voice of People). See the address: https://www.vop.co.kr/A00001470031.html

I wish both Korean and Japanese activists work together to stop marine discharge of radioactive water, and set a good example of international cooperation.

I wish your health all the time.

Sincerely yours.

February 21, 2020.

Lee Won Young

from Serbia

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