[419] 2020-01-22 INRAG & Pilgrimage Plan of Summer

A couple of days ago, I received a message from Oda Becker in Germany. He was invited to a seminar named ‘Academy for Technical Safety of Nuclear Power Plant’ which was hosted by PRCDN (Public Reporting Center for the Danger of Nuclear Power Plants). His lecture at the seminar was reported by Ohmynew reporter Lee Hyang Lim.


This article was translated by the reporter in English, and edited before posting it.


Mr. Oda Becker told me that he would hold a meeting with INRAG group of which he is a member, and raise the problem of damage in heating system of vapor producer. INRAG is an organization of European researchers and engineers who work independently.


Though the organization is relatively new, they work actively. In Europe ENSREG, a governmental organization, is cross-checking the nuclear danger.


INRAG, a civilian organization is monitoring the safety of nuclear power plants, which means that there are three-fold checking of nuclear danger. The headquarter of INRAG is in Vienna.

I had a full rest today, and pondered about a pilgrimage plan during summer. I estimated the date when I arrive at Vienna. And I would like to visit INRAG at that time.


Outline of New Silk Road for Life & No-Nuke Pilgrimage Itinery during Summer in 2020

Belgrade – Budapest – Vienna – Praha

I will walk 1,000 km during 66 days out of 70 days. (Excluding 4 days of flight).

I leave Incheon on June 20 and walk 709 km Bograde – Budapest – Vienna course for 43 days.

I arrive at Vienna on August 3, and stay for three days for tour and meeting important persons.

I start walking on August 7, 198 km for 15 days.

I arrive at Ceste Budejovice on August 22, and take one day’s rest.

I move to Praha on August 24, and stay two days for tour.

I return to Incheon on August 27 by flight.


According to this schedule, I arrive at Vienna around early August. That time overlaps with summer vacation. I wonder whether I could meet the relevant persons in headquarter of organization. But I would try. I would like also to share this schedule with everybody. I want especially to share the walking course along Danube River from Vienna to Chick with members of 100 supporters.

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