[358] 2019-02-25 His Holiness Dalai Lama

Today is a monumental day in New Silk Road pilgrimage.

Early in the morning, I went to the temple and waited for the meeting of HH Dalai Lama, with Sang Hoon Lee (retired professor of Suwon University). Up until the day before yesterday there was a big preaching of Buddism, and many people have waited for the meeting of Dalai Lama. His age is over 80 but he have hugged many people who visit the temple. I was assigned to the last seat of visitors by the staff so as to get more time to talk with Dalai Lama. At last, I approached HH Dalai Lama.

01. 친견시작
1. I gave a big bow to HH Dalai Lama.

달라이52. According to Korean tradition of Buddists, I have to give three bows.

But the staff restricted me to make one bow only.

03. 친견시작3. HH Dalai Lam grasped my hands.

04. 성하께 말씀드리기 시작4. I read the memo which I have prepared in Korean. He read the memo written in English.

The translator explained in Tibetan when necessary.
Respected His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Great honor to meet Your Holiness, a renowned world leader and receive Your Holiness’s great teaching and guidance on mercy and peace of the global world.

I am a professor from South Korea.
I started to walk from Seoul, on Buddha’s birthday in May 2017.
I walked through Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, and India.
I walked 5,000 kilometers.
Because of earthquake, nuclear power plants are more dangerous than nuclear weapons. Nuclear waste forces the sacrifice of next generations.

Eight years have passed since Hukushima accident in Japan broke out.
But UN has done nothing regarding nuclear power plants safety.
UN has kept silence although there is alternative to nuclear power plants
There is only one earth.
We need new UN which will protect the safety of humans and other life forms.
One family has both father and mother.
We need ‘another new UN’ which will work as mother.
Just like we walk with two legs.

I hope religious leaders of the earth work together on this subject.
I think if religious leaders work together, we can make other UN which will protect the earth.
I came here to convey my heart to Your Holiness.

Many people have worked together for 3 years, and made The Earth Life Charter 2018 Seoul (draft).
This Charter inherits the spirit of UN World Nature Charter 1982, and The Earth Charter 2000.

This charter contains the dignity of life, the dismantlement of nuclear power plants, and suggestion to religious leaders of the world.
I offer this Earth Life Charter to Your Holiness.
I will continue to walk until I meet Catholic Pope Francisco at Vatican in Rome.

I wish Your Holiness, Dalai Lama to participate in this task to protect the humans and all life forms of the earth.
I pray your blessing to be conveyed to all humans and life forms of the earth.

I appreciate Your Holiness.

05. 생명헌장과 함께 말씀드리기5. I spread the scroll on which The Earth Life Charter 2018 Seoul (draft) was written.

I explained briefly about the contents of The Earth Life Charter.

You can find more about the The Earth Life Charter in


06. 생명헌장 기념사진6. Dalai Lama understood the core of my explanation. He understood my story about pilgrimage, necessity of making another new UN, and my plan to continue walking until I meet Pope Francisco.
07. 말씀드리기를 마치고7. And then he said, “I know the danger of Nuclear Power Plants. When I visited Japan after Hukushima accident broke out, I met the activists who fight for the safety of Nuclear Power Plants. I recommend you to expand the anti-nuke movement.”

08. 예물을 올린후8. I gave him the statue of Buddha as present.

The statue was made by Cheol Guy Kim who was an artist in Korea.


And we took a picture with him.
09. 불상을 하사하시다9. HH Dalai Lama gave a small statue of Buddha as present, confirm‎ing that I and Professor Lee were Buddhist.
10. 두사람 모두 불상을 하사하시다10. HH gave me the statue and I received the present.

11. 하사받은 불상11. The statue was glistering with light.

Receiving the statue from HH Dalai Lama was a great honor.
I would like to express my great appreciation to HH Dalai Lama.

Also, I would like to give my thanks to Jiae Bosal translator, and the staff who took these pictures.

I would like to convey my thanks to all supporters of New Silk Road and all helpers of my pilgrimage up to this honorable day.

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