[359] 2019-02-26~03-09 From Dharamshala To Seoul

This is the pilgrim’s diary from meeting HH Dalai Lama to the 8th anniversary of Hukushima accident.

1. I am keeping, with respect, the Buddha statue which HH Dalai Lama gave to me.

b8a37f260528ea81635e38bbce3709d989355c1c2. I met this German at Peace Cafe which is run by Korean woman who lives at Dharamshala.

He was delighted to find that New Silk Road would pass through Germany.
90a16fc9047d6a079b78599d6235e7cd33455e3d3. The delivery was done by pony in narrow mountainous road.
23fc0d96c0e1835a1c5765042df0894f3903d6c44. At the next day after meeting HH Dalai Lama, four of us went trekking to Himalayas.


6966c1a234a561fb032ee92330237df54eb6ef9a6. I looked down Dharamshala in the right-hand side of this picture.


c8bf6ec35ea93bbee34c65b6141facf33bc18f1f8. Professor Sang Hoon Lee tried pansori, Korean traditional music.
f6a0365f2b1e8af148f01389f04dbf53f8477bd69. I met a group of Indian students who came on a school excursion from Southern India.

dc708fbb15cd2c4cee42768bd629981f87251efe10. They like K-pop.
d14197c94f2be65d493a9643a0d364f6b1ff6d0711. When I left them, they waved hands.

b7061a43973363f3779925f6c9be54603d1d229b (1)12.



a265551123fed69d0851120d6c1f24862af9961115. Professor Sang Hoon Lee is wearing Tibetan hat.



842c8aa359ae254a2f0f0971cfe26cf0faeb79d418. A village at Himalayas.


5c6d170dc2594e77aad5fb15d09436a6e1945e0f21. After we ate lunch, Professor Sang Hoon Lee tried pansori ‘I will follow you’ which is a part of Chunhyangga.

Ms. Yu was so moved by sad pansori to tears.



c228e9a3c55a0b4da276b8e06e032a8f8d2ad1d124. I came back to shelter. I could see this wonderful scenery of Himalayas from the bed of shelter.
0af1270e0259c5cb6ee6cbe3c087bef84958e4d925. I left Varuni hotel where I stayed for six days.

I reserved the hotel in advance and stayed at a nice room which commanded a fine view.
e4fec2af402b6323c907dc6ec6365ca2bd615ada26. We visited Cheong-Jeon monk who is a Korean disciple of HH Dalai Lama.
e4d354c811b9f9c799a07b3e05a8c7609781085b27. He lived at a shelter which commanded a good view of Himalayas.


aaec4e726b498d0bb90f4e8b9de569337871091029. Because of border battle between India and Pakistan, our flight to Delhi airport was cancelled.

We have to go to New Delhi by other means of transportation.

1d337966e88f34af60094628af2e823e677ccf9630. We went by bus and train for 18 hours in order to go by land.

Professor Sang Hoon Lee is sleeping at upper deck of the train.

8f8f4a9069cb1a30101197b3b8434490122f81bf31. A Hindu shaman is practicing incantation and collects money from the passengers.
845612f632a2da802762492814ca9b82d6f48cf032. A Korean restaurant near New Delhi train station.

04b594d1b594ac9521c76e355215f5364073dab633. Travel information written in Korean.

34. We had enough time before departure. We went to Gandhi Museum.





788f1f7201e970bfd2ef5a27363ebcf25ea46b6f38. Seeing photos of Gandhi, I became more curious about Gandhi.

I would like to read the life story of Gandhi again.
fdf73773765bd9385f27b09b4227133dac2f838d39. Indian youths are performing street music.

0d456c5c55b0582a9ffcac34dd1aaf0cd4fbc23540. I came back to Seoul safely.


41. I walked by Woonhyeongung.
A couple of days ago, I had a meeting with the Buddhist reporters.

The article written by a reporter of bulkyo21.com is found at following address.


The article written by a reporter of bulkyo newspaper is found at following address.

8a71a9a0d76fb1263001005dbd62ccab99b7d7d742. Today, there was citizens’ parade from National Assembly to Kwanghwamoon in order to commemorate the 8th anniversary of Hukushima nuclear accident.
8a71a9a0d76fb1263001005dbd62ccab99b7d7d743. The young people in the parade.
28e25bfd63cb91f49ce87158bb3561ac1e30b83a44. A Confucius scholar in traditional clothes took part in the parade.

fe3048cc07994710b24ea3db31ea4c823084e69045. I took part in the parade with a hat provided by the organizer of the parade.


dab02d75c0d5541cc7e90272b1509a21039bff7647. It took two hours for us to arrive at Kwanghwamoon square.

e79be6329e4d18981f81b05a42e98c919f32e06248. I took a picture with my acquaintances holding New Silk Road placard.

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