[321] 2019-01-19 Rich Street


1. After two days’ rest, I started again at a small village, Joya.

b346f51fe44ba8e4200bc5ec15de9794074372e22. These students approached me.
323af30bd63938409f69a7cc9a6942287ca6819b3. A good-looking man asked me to ride his carriage, “Come on!”

I smiled and hit my thigh with my hand just like whipping a horse with a riding crop.

acd8353ac1d0c9811581609cea9374c99bcbc2844. This sawdust was collected from timber mill. Sawdust is a good natural fertilizer which makes soil fertile.

4b0a8866d69c3fd481767fde089cb10946369f6e5. A bunch of women sat at rear space of a tractor.

I smiled and approached them. They were willing to allow a selfie. The colorful clothes were very impressive.
906bb959d75e3b4b7d0a316fea0381b43ec58d586. The young villagers approached me and asked “Are you a Nepalese?”

They were surprised to find me to be a Korean. After a brief conversation, they become friendly soon.
3003e324d16f00ee0749d1101006b44eaf14b2698. When I find a small kid like this picture, the kid keep watching me all the time.
9a307acc187b776834ca072ec0297e42069a3f5f9. The tumeric, which is used as raw material of curry, is growing.
dc84cdc3356e47a2420d23b94e93651e295bd65310. I entered a high-class restaurant which is rarely found in this region.
f0abd1fe2cd7cffecf362a00b7bdfebf86d6760111. The wall was made of bamboo, which makes refreshing environment.
ab386d5b06167410547adff4841fe3fb6d9da64c12. This delicious dish was made of potato and bread.
5d91168e7bbd1a280f1a6b25fa8a6551434d15fd13. This rice was fried with lemon juice. They put hot pepper and hot taste was very good,

6076f3044d7b2940cb8ce94530dcc5e7d45eb29a14. I enjoyed a good quality coffee after a long while. I think they boiled coffee properly.
c59ea6c593a3d51c8d3ebf02e062317720fe0a0715. The menu plate carried the picture of this restaurant on the cover page.

A dessert costs 350 rupee (5,000 won).
d594b09e05913ead5e53a77f92e06b6c19304f1516. A university and a general hospital.



e8a0957719364451428f10edf6561d360a7e0a7d19. The students in the school bus are waving to me.

300b6547f66f3284218b9fd31cc42b6a5318eea420. On the other side of the street, a family rode a ricksha and carried their baggages.

This scene represents Indian appearance very well.
d7b15652edcb946054124d0038a54f17ef93786821. I entered into a street of a rich village. I could find KFC.
3126abceafb6b9497444e54e7eaac5ec62d6a11122. On the opposite side, I found McDonald’s and modern clothe store.
35bf0f842f76f5205d26a64d732070f4758e7ca123. Expensive restaurant.

9b4f30f1cb04be108a725a00b94f8f98142be6ca24. This family enjoy riding a camel which was provided by the local government.


84b814c86b77c6a113159d853dc4da484604f8df26. University students
9abc67745e77c5e623a8fd8115746a4d276b5c4827. I met these people near the finishing point of today’s pilgrim. Speaking English was not so fluent, though, they exclaimed with my story about New Silk Road. I show them map and explain my story saying, “I started walking from Calcutta.” Then, I talk about Hiroshima and Fukushima in Japan. Finally, I insist that the earth is in danger. They consent immediately.

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