[312][313] 2019-01-10~11 Children


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1. According to the schedule, I take one day’s rest and start again today.

I walk through Bareilly city and go to Rampur, a small city.
ddbcd4e12d8b4e2a6b8796f1ee57caa2affe49c02. I started at southern bus terminal.
ccfed5f85fccabdeb4c1ab832e1539fcfd17c1c23. I found a stall keeper who sells charcoal.

20b78c773131cf644a6ef472c79a7bfec6e1dc044. A sheep wore winter-clothes.

ab701971b021dfbd54916fc9212fb7b61939ee535. Showroom of a funeral hall

6. Dogs gathered at bonfire in order to warm body.



e175af8d30ecacf4e43c5bdc62b5e37394e5c1b29. It was time to go to school.

I could see many cute children.

a090cc9beab428610a7152ea51310bcf8be5126711. This seems to be a middle school.
c72e0dacfaa9a6371c1c5200c0e0974bfd04e71612. Some of the boys could understand English.

I explained New Silk Road and took a picture with them.
c25bc2561cd6ae172b6895797795d6d3f1fd66f913. A central street in old area of city.
d5a384f746a5df13e2aa1e470c786b1cfc75249714. I meet people frequently, and take selfie frequently.


86602d286bd3eea42054398bb9f6d656ce2dcb4816. He makes bamboo tools and furnitures.

e9b57fd7490271aee9874898801eef8545a2b65017. I explained New Silk Road to collegians. They are 19 years old, an aspiring age.
b9e569519bb60f9c615364e841375f807a84cac018. Villagers are curious.


6b64ee5aae2f2a8b0fa5103f43d84ff7d7b8f36720. An Islam temple.
d03393f21de95e0cc582285ba0b953e96bc9eb1221. I enjoy raw pomegranate fruit juice very often.

It costs only 40 rupee (700 won). Cheers!

fa77eef435cfc6160ae52a1df688cdfebe56f54822. I took a picture with villagers whom I met while I order and drink fruit juice.
e130095a574e45cf039a9488505d73893106a7ef23. These men came to me by motorcycle. They asked me several questions.

I explained New Silk Road and told them “You can find your picture at English homepage https://liferoad.org/.”
7f24697ec38d323c1f62498cbcc3c12dd18afcf724. A nursery of seedlings

f1918cb5ff355b931976ec16961c95f909335be625. A green plain and wet field

aefbacb6e2331b85933fc47d7bc68da3f46334dc26. Hindu temple
484756d1832b58c688c6545f17730a97b360af6027. They are digging a groundwater tube well.
18ef08d01988bb50fc46f300ab5fb409f2c9875028. Birds are looking for something to catch in a stream.
f493c70dfccd96cc727621dc00e4ddcc59c4873d29. Today I met a lot of children.

05caca1e0f555dd22dbca2aa2e59fc7e1e67bf1f30. These boys are chewing stem of sugar cane as between meal. They enjoy sweet taste and strengthen teeth.

They are killing two birds with one stone. When you live a natural life, nature benefits you.

0e9441417e41d535572665e681571e9c9406370d31. They are making clay cups by spinning potter’s wheel.

ddba4fc5de5068547e6d860b67e7d9fd941c8f6432. This boy raises a sheep.

55d36341f096a5fe6185bbcb5755fa520828044133. Two people in the left-hand side of this picture introduced themselves as medical doctor.

Yes, they were educated doctors.

They understood my English explanation of New Silk Road immediately.

They connected liferoad.org by facebook.

7d298eac5d89482380e6dfd3fb732d1eb1d5364034. This kind of riverside scenery produces romantic feeling.
2a2b7e3eb35c38aabd4e62ac75395bcb2a5acfe335. I met these children and youths nearby today’s final destination.

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