[304] 2019-01-02 Vandana Shiva

I remember the part of the book written by Vandana Shiva who was an intellectual of India.

The cattle in India produce more edibles than they consume. In contrast, the cattle in U.S. consume six times more feedstuff than they produce. In addition, Indian cattle produce 700 million tons of recyclable manures every year. Half of the manures are used as fuel, and other half as fertilizer. The manure fuel produce heat equivalent to 27 million ton of kerosene, 35 million ton of coal, 68 million ton of wood. Keronese, coal, and wood are rare materials in India.

This kind of very effective food system which is based on various use of cattle, however, has been destroyed in the name of efficiency and development. Green revolution has adopted un-recyclable chemical fertilizer instead of recyclable organic fertilizer as agricultural fertilizer. White revolution discarded the idea of integration between cattle and farm crops, and downgraded cattle as milk machine.

The violence of white revolution is based on the idea that small farming and small bio-resources are not necessary because they are inferior in terms of productivity. Worldwide merchandising made Indian cattle ‘unproductive’. American livestock industry was so excessively productive that it made European cattle unnecessary. Many species of domestic animals became extinct. Much knowledge of protecting the bio-resources which was the basis of life and agriculture disappeared. The protection of bio-resources is replaced as protection of rich farmer and control of agriculture by businessman. Farm crops are food for every living organisms in the earth. Farm crops supply food not only for humans and domestice animals but also for numerous living organisms in the soil. The soil which has rich organic materials is homeground of numerous micro organisms which make soil fertile. Intensive livestock economy of Europe requires 7 times more field to produce feedstuff for cattle than traditonal livestock economy. The ‘undisclosed field’ which is necessary for producing feedstuff for cattle makes intensive agriculture rather extensive.

You can find more about this topic at address below.

1.From now on, I added the characters, S. KOREA, on my body placard.

When I meet someone firstly, most question was “What country are you from?”

2. During this 85 km interval, there is no proper shelter.

After walking about half way, I am going to move baggage by bus to shelter in Shajahanpur.

3. I started to walk from the place where I was waiting for the bus last night.

4. The leftovers from the sugar cane factory were spread on the field.

5. I waved to the children going to school. Then they waved back in the other side of the street.


7. I took a picture of a group of people warming themselves at the bonfire.

They they invite me to join.

8. A lady who seems to be a mother guided me to the chair at the bonfire.

9. She offered me cookies and chai.

10. I talked with them, and took a selfie with the youths.

11. I offered chair back to the lady, and took a picture with them.

She looked like a heroine who reminded me of Vandana Shiva.

12. They operate a spinning machine at this place.

13. I ordered a cup of raw fruit juice.

14. The owner of the restaurant whom I met again yesterday was driving back to his house with his son.

We met again. This is the third meeting, What a persistent karma!

15. I ordered an Indian dish, chapati (roasted flour paste) and egg fry curry, at a quick-luch restaurant.

16. The owner of the restaurant became friendly,and took a picture of me eating lunch.

17. I took a picture of the people in the restaurant on the spot.

18. They are transporting the cattle manure.

19. A boy is operating a machine which concentrates sugar cane.

20. The signboard advertising cement factory was very impressive.

21. In the afternoon, I ordered a cup of raw fruit juice.

A lot of people flocked to me.


23. I spread the map and explained about New Silk Road.

I took a picture with them.

24. A religious meeting of Hindu was going on.

25. This meeting seems to be related with the election which is near at hand.



28. While I walk, many people approached to me.

They wanted to take a selfie.

29. Late in the afternoon, I was passing by a work place and met these people.

Among them, the man with blue turban was impressive.

30. Around sunset, I found this bonfire near the shelter.

A cattle is warming himself at the side.

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