[295] 2018-12-24 from Korean Temple in Shravasti

I rode a train for a whole night.  I transferred to bus, and arrived at Korean temple in Shravasti.

I met Daein monk in 10 months.

The people in the picture are Buddhists who belong to this Korean temple.

After eating lunch, I decided to walk about 10 km for a waming-up.

I feel friendly to see this Indian street.

I met some Indians on the way back. 

Children are very curious, everywhere.

I saw a school which looked like a Catholic institution.

It is a good season for harvesting sugar cane. 

While I passed by a primary school, I sended out pamphlets. 

The principal who read the pamphlet invited me immediately to come to school. 


The class was going on at the playground.

I spread large map and explained about Silk Road.

A teacher translated my explanation in detail with fluent English. 


The principal was not good in his condition.

Nevertheless, he took a picture with me. 

I took a picture with a policeman on the way.

I visited another primary school.


Another primary school.

The event was going on, and I made a speech on the spot again.

Another commemorative photo. 


It was a bonanza from the first day.


At the place 9 km apart, I came back to Korean temple by bus.

In the evening, a local reporter called on me.  

I had a conversation with the reporters and the monk, at tea-room in Korean temple.

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