2018-12-22~23 Restarting

At last, I restarted in India.  I started again in 10 months.

A new brochure was made.


This is the scroll which I am going to give to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. 

The scroll was silk-printed on traditional Korean paper, and Korean paper was added again to protect the characters. 

I am sure the scroll will last several hundred years.

You can find The Earth-Life Charter at internet address below.

The airplane’s flight aviation map to New Delhi.   

At New Delhi street, I found a sculpture which showed typical characteristics of India.

The famous Akshardham Temple.

I put Indian usim chip in my smart phone.

It cost me 1000 rupee (17,000 won).  I can use 1.4GB everyday for 84 days.  

The sevice included  Indian telephone number.

When you call me from Korea, you have to dial +91 73031 20963.

It is complicated for a foreigner to reserve an Indian rail ticket.

Without reservation, you have to visit International Ticket Office at train station.

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