[bulkyo21.com] 2018-02-20 Director of ‘New Silk Road for Life & No-Nuke’ returns to University

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Director of ‘Life & No-Nuke Silk Road’ returns to University

– Suwon University gave up appeal to Supreme Court, and Professor Won-Young Lee said, “Sorry for the postponement of pilgrimage”


Professor Won-Young Lee (photo· Suwon University) who started his pilgrimage for Life and No-Nuke restored his professorship. He planned to walk 11,000 km for two years. Prof. Lee said “I have to postpone my pilgrimage due to restoration of my professorship. I feel sorry for people who planned to take part in the pilgrimage.”

Prof. Lee sent an E-mail to let his supporters know the news. He had fought against corruption of Suwon University. At the same time, he was walking Silk Road to spread the message of Life & No-Nuke.

Prof. Lee said “In last month, Seoul High Court declared that Ministry of Education (MOE) was right in annulment of denying reappointment of me in the 2nd lawsuit of administrative litigation. Suwon University gave up appeal to Supreme Court.”

Prof. Lee said, “Since Suwon University gave up appeal, my plan of pilgrimage was changed. The university sent me a public document asking me to follow reappointment procedure. I consulted with my lawyer, and decided to accept reappointment.”

Prof. Lee continued, “If I return to university and resume lecturing, the pilgrimage should be postponed for a while. The change of pilgrimage schedule is inevitable. I feel sorry for those people who planned to take part in the pilgrimage. I express my apology.”

Prof. Lee added, “I am going to resume pilgrimage sooner or later after my comeback to school.” He returns to Korea on February 22.

Prof. Lee reorganized Association of Professors of Suwon University on March, 2013. He was dismissed from the university on January, 2014. The court declared that his dismissal was invalid, but the university denied reappointment. Appeal Commission for Education (ACE) declared annulment of denying reappointment, but the university filed administrative litigation to deny ACE’s declaration. ACE won the 1st and 2nd administrative litigation. Last month, Suwon University gave up appeal to Supreme Court.

Prof. Lee started his long pilgrimage at Gangwhamoon on May 3, 2017, The Silk Road course starts from Korea and ends at Vatican City in Rome, Italy. He walked through Japan and Vietnam. Now he is walking at Shravasti which is the 7th place among eight holy places of Buddhists. He has walked more than 4,000 km after he started pilgrimage.


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