1st Life Road Sarangbang Discussion Meeting

Dear my friends:

My comeback was reported by Bulkyo21.com.


I would like to express my regret to those of you who have supported my pilgrimage, because I could not continue it.

I will do my best to resume the pilgrimage before the end of this year.


After I came back to school, I was assigned 8 class hours of lecture per one week. Tomorrow I will have the first lecture.

I will meet students in five years. I had blank time of four years. It has been a long time since all students whom I know have graduated.

I came back home ten days ago. As I prepare my lecture plans for urban planning and national land planning, I feel that the stories of pilgrimage are valuable materials for teaching. I do not think I spent my time in vain.


During my pilgrimage there were reports about several earthquakes on the Earth. One of the topics I have been thinking about while I walk, was how to prevent the risks of 450 nuclear power plants (NPP) on the Earth and how to stabilize them safely.

The best model is to let local citizens clearly monitor the risks of local NPPs. Perhaps there may be several places where local citizens do the job, but there is one exemplary case in Korea.

The exemplary case is Hanbit NPP in Yeonggwang where local citizens take part in the monitoring. Citizens in Yeonggwang have struggled to participate in monitoring the risks of NPP. Now nuclear engineers who are independent from the administrative authority do the monitoring work systematically.

My curiosity about Yeonggwang case increased during my pilgrimage. I wanted to listen to citizens of Yeonggwang as soon as I returned home. I would like to hold discussion meeting on Marth 13th.

I hope you could participate in the meeting with much interest.

I wish your health and happiness.

March 4, 2018

Won Young Lee

0228 생명탈핵실크로드_웹자보 영문버전_최종

[1st Life Road Sarangbang Discussion Meeting]

Citizens monitoring Hanbit Nuclear Power Plant in Yeonggwang

– Discussion Meeting for Buddhists Journalist invited –

Seven years have passed since Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011. The New Silk Road for Life and No-Nukes (hereafter ‘Life Road’) stopped for a while, but efforts to enrich the aims of pilgrimage should be continued.

After President Moon’s declaration of Nuclear-Free Era, the real challenge is to secure the road leading to dismantling NPP safely.

Since the dismantling takes a very long time, it is important to secure safety of NPP until dismanting is completely finished.

I would like to invite you to the discussion meeting which will focus on Hanbit NPP where local citizens directly monitor the safety of NPP. We will discuss ways to expand the merits of citizens’s monitoring.

  1. When: March 13th (Tue.) 2:30~5:00PM

  2. Where: Buddhist Women’s Development Institute-JaBi classroom (Next to Jogyesa in Jongro)


Lee Ha Young (Vice-Chairman of Hanbit N.P.P Supervisory Committee for Environment Radiation & Safety)

Lee Jeong Yoon (Nuclear engineer, Nuclear Safety and Future representative)


Lee Won Young (Prof. The University of Suwon, Pilgrimage leader of Life Road)


BeopEung Buddhist monk (Director of Buddhist Social Policy Research, 100 Supporting members of Life Road)


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