[276] 2018-02-02 Arriving at Nepal

Arriving at Nepal

Nautanwa ~ Sonauli ~ Nepal


At the starting point, I warmed my body with bonfire.

For those of you who are enduring cold winter in Korea, I would like to send the warmth of this bonfire.

Inside of the bus going back to the starting point.

I met a black cow at the starting point.

The cow seemed to have mixed flood.

The trucks are waiting before crossing the border.

Children are very good at standing in front of camera.

Other students wanted to be taken in the second picture.

At last, we arrived at the border.

Pilgrimage course in india is divided into two sections at border of Nepal.

Today is the last day of first section which totals about 900km.

Buddhists tower is gate of the border.

The roads in Nepal seem to have more space, compared to Indian roads.

카테고리:Course and Dairy, Nepal

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