[235] 2017-12-23 Kite

Bagodar ~ C point


I carried baggages to next lodging. So, I started walking in late morning.


When I walk along the road in the field, I saw something extraordinary move diligently.


It was wild boar.


They piled rice straw on top of the roof. It will be used as feed for cattle.


I saw solar panels not only yesterday but also today.
The latitude of this region is 22 degrees. Therefore, they put solar panel less steeper than in Korea.
But the panel I saw today is more steeper than the panel I saw yesterday. Is the panel for winter?


Goats are eating feed.


The landscape is becoming beautiful as I approach Bodh Gaya.


Autumn flowers. What is the name of this flower?


Sugar cane which was peeled in advance tends to have dust on it.
I asked the vendor to peel the sugar cane newly.


They were baking clay bricks in a kiln.


Children in the village.


The national road no. 19 seems to be connected with Delhi.
The road sign indicates that distance to Delhi is 1120km.


The convenient food for lunch was very salty. Since I was hungry, I ate them up.
Throughout the afternoon hours, I drank a lot of water.


I am parting from the people I met at the restaurant.


A cow was going through Hindu ritual. I was taking a picture of the cow.
The man brought the cow to me and he said to the cow some statements which I could not understand.
When it was over, he asked me to donate 100 Rupee.


At a village, I saw boys fly kite. The shape of kite was same as our kites in Korea.
‘Kite’ of Linus group is my favorite song.


I gestured. “You fly the kites very well.” And I became friends with the people in the village.


In the evening, a resident of Barhi kindly guided me to the new hotel.

Barakatha, Jharkhand 825323, India

Now I have left about 100km until Bodh Gaya. I have walked about 400km from Calcutta.


카테고리:Course and Dairy, India

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