[236] 2017-12-24 ‘3 Magi from East’

Barakatha ~ Barhi
25 km

Today is Christmas eve.

Two years ago, I got an inspiration from the Biblical story of ‘Magi’ who came to Jerusalem to pay respect to Baby Jesus. According to the story of Magi, they followed star light and walked several thousand kilometers. They went to Jerusalem with high aspiration in heart. I have imagined ‘a long pilgrimage to meet religious guru’ for a long time. The Magi story transformed my imagination into reality. Today I was thinking over the Magi story while I walk.


Rice straw is valuable asset of the farmer.
This is top picture representing today’s pilgrimage.


I rode on the bus which goes to starting point.


At the starting point, I found an auto-ricksha (motorcycle was transformed into taxi).


Rice straw is valuable feed for the cattle and goats during winter.
By propping the rice straw in this fashion, they can keep the rice straw dry and unspoiled.


An old arch-type bridge.


It seems to be an Islamic tower.


Villagers are enjoying ball game in the field.


This seems to be a political advertisement. The message and design are elegant.


I saw cole field.


Typical central reserve along National Road No. 19.


I could see several places where they bake bricks.
This brick is proper recycling material which conform with the concept of LCA (Life Cycle Assessment).
As time goes by, the designed life of a building is expired.
The bricks fragment into to pieces and finally soil.
Bricks are different from the non-degradable construction waste.


Today several drivers stopped car and asked me about the pilgrimage.
This car was made by Hyundai Motor Corp.
I explained about the pilgrimage. And I took this picture.


This picture is better. The car seems to be made in Japan.


The entrance of a village.


Children are looking at me from far away.


A pottery worker was making earthen ware. He made the pottery by turning the wheel by hand.
I was impressed by his professional skill.


I took a picture with handsome youths.


The cattle are eating rice straw.


They propped the rice straw side by side.


A beautiful roadside tree.


A herd of cattle.


Probably, the cows which are old enough seem to be gathered.
The cows are regarded as sacred animal because they believe that Hindu God, Visnu, is riding a cow.
The cows provide mile, and do the farm work.
Still I am curious how they treat the cows which are expiring.


Children welcome a pilgrim.


Mr. Hara is talking with children.


I saw a blacksmith work.


In smithery, timing is the most important. Your have to strike when the iron is hot.


Quite different from the cow, water buffalo are allowed to slaughter.
India exports a lot of water buffalo.


Mr. Hara is getting more skillful in making friends with families of Earth Village.
Especially in India, he is making connections with many children and students.


This is a nice picture, too.


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