[232] 2017-12-20 Mountain and Students

A point~Yadav Sapna Hotel~B point

Last night, I could not sleep well because of mosquitoes.
The name is ‘hotel’, but the facilities are like an inn.
When I sleep this kind of hotel, I can not sleep well.


But I recovered my energy when I met these boys at the starting point.


Also, I met these youths who go for a work to a nearby factory.

A dramatic event happened today.


High school students flocked to me, then a teacher came to me.
I was explaining about the pilgrimage, and a student with good sense prepared two chairs.


Another teacher sat at the chair.


Finally the principal of the school came out.
The name of the school was “Jharkhand Public Asharam A Coaching Center.”


When I was going to start, the teachers offered me to treat a cup of tea.
The cafe served both as tea room and a restaurant. We ate lunch together.
Of course, the teachers paid the bill for the lunch.
The lunch was extraordinary.


I took a picture of the smart phone of the principal.
The background picture was Bisyunu, Hindu god, and his wife Raksyumi.


Now I can see the mountains clearly.


Mr. Hara walked alone because the hotel was far away.


He met a lot of friends in Earth Village.


Somehow, this mountain looks like Korean mountain.


When I was passing by this place, I dropped by a cafe for a cup of chai.
I was dozing and the owner allowed me to take a nap on the bed which I saw yesteray.
I took a nice nap on the bed. I took me only one day to accomplish my wish.


This mountain looks handsome.


Now I can see a large mountain far away.
I was curious about the altitude of the mountain.


Village well. I tried drinking. The taste was so-so.


A street vendor who sells canes and swords.


I felt like taking a meditation under this tree.


Women were walking with a mountain in the background.


Where are you going?


I stopped today’s pilgrimage at a proper place of the course.

I got on the bus going back to the hotel.

카테고리:Course and Dairy, India

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