[227] 2017-12-15 Exciting Day

Mr. Hara has completely recovered his health.

He carried the baggages by car to the hotel which was located 23 km away in front direction of our course.

He will come back and meet me in the half-way of the course.

The taxi fare which I negotiated through the hotel clerk was 700 Rupee (about 12,000 Won).

When I was walking alone in Vietnam, the taxi driver who was recommended by the hotel clerk carried the baggage.

The taxi fare of Vietnam was same as India.


Soon after the start, I found gondola which was not operating.

Probably, there was an amusement park at the place. But now it was abandoned.


I took a picture of selling moment at the fish market.


Indians do not cover curiosity.


These people treated me chai and bottled water.


I saw two tall buildings which I guessed to be facility of nuclear power plants.

I confirmed that it was a steel plant. The chimney was necessary for cooling the hot iron.


I found an Islamic temple.


Market place which was looked down from overpass.


I saw a girl passing by who put on a beautiful pigtail.

In the past, we could see the pigtail commonly in Korea.


The cement blocks on sidewalk show the shape of concave and convex form.


I saw a nice and peaceful scenery.


The bathers found me and waved to me.

The water quality management of this stream seems to be good. I could see clear water.


Mr. Hara joined in walking remaining course.


I could see coal-fired power plant on the course.


We met children.


I explained about the pilgrimage and took a picture with the children.

They followed me and walked for a while.

I gave them banners and asked them to walk in one line.

Mr. Hara took a nice picture of them.

This picture is the very picture which I wanted to be spread out.


I found a Hindu goddess at a restaurant. She was thrusting out her tongue.


I met a local policeman.


This high-ranking officer was one-star policeman.

He requested me to be very careful about safety.


Dogs in the village.


The owner of a computer shop near today’s destination led me into his shop.

Mr. Hara already met him and publicized our pilgrimage.

He asked me many questions.

When our talk about pilgrimage was over, I asked him a favor.

I recharged the pocket wi-fi which ran out of data-capacity.


They entered immediately into the English homepage of New Silk Road, and exclaimed.


I took a picture of those people holding a large map.


Mr. Hara is doing his best in meeting many people.

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