[226] 2017-12-14 With Students

The educational system of India seem to be divided into two tracks. http://esuwon.net/69


The picture of collegians who shouted “Fighting!” was selected as today’s top picture .


We left the hotel where we stayed for three days.

Mr. Hara has almost recovered, but he decided to rest one more day.

Today’s course is 20km.


The name of the village where we stayed for three days is Paganargh.

This village is professional with care repairing service.

This picture showes Ford car after repairing.


After I came out of the village, I walked in the countryside. The landscape turned beautiful.


I happened to pass by an university campus. The campus seems to be an engineering department. I met the students who was in the procedure of class meeting.


All the students showed curiosity about me. I handed out leaflets and explained about my pilgrimage. They listened with eagerness.

They already knew the fact that India has 7 nuclear power plants. They were well aware of the danger of nuclear power plants.


They understood my resolution to meet the Pope.

I pulled out silk road map. I took a picture with the students. This is an important picture representing pilgrimage.


I could see the chef of a restaurant cook at the cookroom.


The fuel is raw coal which has high caloric value.


 I found a vendor who were selling sugarcane juice near a petroleum company.

While I order juice, many people looked at me with curiosity.

They were drivers of petroleum freight truck.

They flocked together in front of the company for some reason which I didn’t know.


 While I was drinking sugarcane juice, I explained.

“I came from South Korea.  I am walking to BodhGaya for pilgrimage.”


 I took a self picture with them who were shouting.


 I approached to the city of Durgapur.


 Children are playing in the recreation ground.


 They build two-story house with brick.  They burn red clay and make bricks. This may be called ‘pro-environmental house’.



They waved to a traveler like me.


The signboard was “Solar Energy Park”.  I paid 30 Rupee for entrance fee. However, that was just an ordinary park with no significant facilities.


카테고리:Course and Dairy, India

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