[224] 2017-12-12 Railway and Threshing Grain

India has a good railway system since colonial times of England. The wide-width railways for transport of cotton were constructed all over India. Textiles made of cotton contributed greatly to the build-up of capital of England. The railways for freights were developed more than railways for people. Until nowadays, the profits of railways are coming from carrying the freights rather than from the people.

Indian Railway System

This wide-width railway can carry many passengers. Thought the frequency of transportation is low, the carrying capacity is very high. Moreover, the passenger fare is very low.


By dint of wi-fi, I can check the time schedule of every small stations. There is no delay in schedule.


Mr. Hara is slow in recovering his condition. I went to the station and started to walk alone.


The bus in front of railway station is full of passengers.


Soon I entered into a village. I changed the course which seems to be the best choice.


Cranes are searching for food in a field where the harvest is over. The latitude of this region is 22 degrees. The daytime temperature is 22 degrees, which is a strange coincidence. It is like early autumn, in Korean weather.


Emotional appearances.


Threshing women.


Many villagers are threshing all together. This is the first time that I saw communal work of large scale.

I approached to them and said, “May I take a picture?”


Somebody said, “Ask that man.” He seems to be the chief of the village. I joined my hands and bowed. I said, “I came from South Korea.” He said, “Nice to meet you.” He introduced me his wife who was standing by. I thought the women had power in this village.

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I found ducks while I walking in the village.


While I was taking this picture, a man who seemed to be vice-chief of the village gestured me to treat duck. I smiled and said, “You are welcome.” I felt his kindness.


They dry the dung of cattle.


They dry dung again and make fuel for cooking. There is no smell at all. This is appearance of recycling life.


They rear water buffalo in the village.


Hindu temple is in the center of the village.


The children are following me.


The children followed me until the large road.


A woman selling the fish made a good pose for me.


While I was walking along the large road, I reached to a bus station. People can transfer to village bus.


The fowls are enjoying meal in the yard where people dry grains.


In front of Hindu signboard, I took a certificate picture by a new app. which prints the day and time on the picture.


The cole was in full bloom at the roadside.


The national road no. 19 goes from Calcutta to Varanasi. It is wide with four lanes. It was reinforced by soil and pebbles.


A boy expressed curiosity.


I explained pilgrimage to him. Later he followed me and gave me an apple. I was moved by his behavior.


In this village, people were using agricultural tractors in harvesting and threshing grains. People and machine are working together.


While I was looking at the harvest, children approached to me and waved. They thought me as a pilgrim. I pulled out leaflets. They crossed over the fence. When I explained about the New Silk Road, more children came to me.


Now, let’s take a picture all together! This picture has the largest crowd.


Goats are enjoying their meal peacefully.


At the entrance of a village, people are playing a game. I was curious and went close to them. It was a game something like mixture of billiards and alkkagi. It is called Caram Board. I didn’t know it before. I investigated by internet and found out that many people enjoy the game.


I took a picture of the game by self-camera.


Children were following me.


I met these boys at the Paraj station which was today’s destination. They were young, but they were very curious about my pilgrimage. They took a picture with me, respectively.

Today I walked 25km.

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