[219] 2017-12-07 Fun of Pilgrimage

Fun of Pilgrimage


Today, It took for us a long time to select a hotel ahead of the pilgrimage course and carry the baggage.
While I was waiting at the platform for the train to go back to the starting place, I took a picture with the people around.
I bended myself to make many people appear in this picture.


A lady came to me and said, “May I take a self-picture with you.”


I was passing by a village. I saw a step-type common washing place.
They can wash clothes regardless of water-level fluctuation.


Grass ground is found everywhere.


Village appearance seems to be ample.


High-voltage power line is found everywhere.


I am not sure whether this tree is a bo tree.
This kind of trees are found along the street.


Picture of goat family. Very cute!


I saw various appearances of Indian village.


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