[217] 2017-12-05 Kolkata 3 – Suburb


I started walking from the outskirt of Calcutta. Mr. Hara and baggages went to the hotel of next lodging by taxi.


The safety sign on the way.


An old man is sitting on the rice-sheaf.  The atmosphere I felt was ample.


Some curious men are asking questions about pilgrimage.


As soon as I started conversation, many people came close to me.


They gave me coffee in a porcelain.  Later I found out that the porcelain was used only once. It must be a significant waste of resources to use throwaway porcelain.


These statues seem to be Hindu goddess.  But I don’t know the names.


The man with blue uniform seems to be a policeman.

They listened to my explanation of pilgrimage and they exclaimed.


He introduced me to his senior officer who was on patrol at that moment.

The superior had two stars on his shoulders.

I shook hands with him and talked about pilgrimage.  I took a picture with him.


I told him, “How about taking off your sunglasses?”  He said “O.K.”

After I walked several kilometers, a man riding a motorcycle came to me and gave his name and phone number.

He said, “When you get into trouble during Indian pilgrimage, please let me know.  I will take care of it.”

The superior must have ordered the man to come to me.


A juice with mixed orange and pomegranate.

India has plenty of eatings just like other Sourtheast Asian countries.

But the price is cheaper in India than other countries.


Indians do not cover curiosity.  They come to me very positively.  I took many pictures with them.


A playground with natural grass was found in a village.


Girl students do not cover curiosity either.

The girl who shows sliced eyes took self picture with me by her own handphone.


On the train coming back to lodging.

Wide-width train provides an enough space.

Today was a dynamic day.


카테고리:Course and Dairy, India

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